Inspiration from the Remarkable McEvoy Ranch in Northern CA

IMG_46291The McEvoy Ranch, located near Petaluma, surrounded by rolling hills and colorful farm land, delivers that rustic yet elegant feeling that Northern California is so well known for. The five hundred and fifty acres was turned into an olive tree ranch by the late Nan Tucker McEvoy. She was a remarkable woman who took on many roles throughout her life such as businesswoman, activist, and philanthropist.


She not only created an amazing olive producing ranch, but with her deep resources was able to create and add vineyards, country kitchen gardens, a main house, a unique Victorian outbuilding for meetings, a Chinese Pavilion for dining and a exceptional art collection.


What made the visit so unique was that we were able to enjoy hearing first-hand from the artisans who helped her create this magical environment, as well as from the olive ranch workers.


This was a special tour for a group from the Institute for Classical Art and Architecture, my favorite Bay Area connection with outstanding colleagues in residential architecture and design. Their lectures, tours and educational opportunities delight me and keep me inspired toward excellence in my art, interior design.



The Pavilion, where we were served lunch, was a fascinating architectural structure which the ranch uses for olive harvest lunches. Being in the Chinese Pavilion style, while residing on a ranch, material such as wood and metal were chosen to feel authentic to what a country carpenter would have available. This made for a very interesting fusion. The grandness of the space and the beautiful lanterns hanging from the ceiling and walls made the space feel enchanting.


I shared lunch with Jefferson Mack, Blacksmith who created astounding metalwork for the building. I especially enjoyed the door handles in the shape of the local lizards, called skinks.

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