“Thank you so very much for all that you did to contribute to our home remodel project. You played a major part in everything that was done and just as we had thought from the very beginning, our house would turn out beautifully if we used you and your expertise design style. We LOVE how everything turned out and thank you for all the time and hard work you dedicated to us and our home. It was a long and not always easy project, but we sincerely appreciate you sticking with us and allowing us to fulfill our dream of a beautiful home. We are complimented regularly thanks to you!!”

Arden Park Sacramento, CA, Happy Clients 

“Recently, we completed a major remodel to better meet our family and entertaining needs. During this year-long process, Janice Stone Thomas from StoneWood Design worked closely with us, and with our contractor, to create a look that is beautiful, sophisticated, warm and livable. Janice proved again that she could listen well and design spaces for family living as well as for college girls, pleasing everyone in the process! While staying true to the style she knows we favor, she encouraged us to push outside our comfort zone to broaden our own style.

We are thrilled with the final results – Janice’s hard work has yielded the perfect environment for us. It integrates the best of her creative vision and innovative problem solving with our eclectic personal style.

Janice is always a gracious and true professional; she wants the finished product to be perfect for her client. And it is.”

Diane Plumlee & Mike van den Akker, Clients

“Our kitchen is simply fabulous! We have used the house to entertain those we love and the kitchen is always a big part of our success. For my birthday, Valori invited five couples and a two-chef team–who provided a demonstration meal–that we all helped prepare. Twelve people in the kitchen was very manageable and so much fun.”

Gordon Rogers, StoneWood Client & Member, American Institute of Architects

“My husband and I moved to East Sacramento in early 1998. We were so lucky to find not only a great house, but also a great designer, Janice Stone Thomas of StoneWood Design, to make the house “our own.” Working with Janice through the design process was educational and fun. Without her help, I would never have achieved the level of simple sophistication she knew I wanted to express. Her creativity helped solve some space challenges that required practicality and innovation. Even after the big work was done, she continued to source special pieces and looks throughout the home. When it was time to sell the house in late 2006, with a rapidly softening real estate market, we quickly found buyers. We also received so many compliments from realtors on how well the house showed that I wondered how I could give up my lovely home.

In 2007, we relocated to the Wailea Resort on Maui, Hawaii and once again, Janice helped me create our home, but this time on the Islands. I have learned to trust her eye and know that her professionalism and perfectionism made us “house proud” once again.”

Brittan Miller, Client

“I am extremely pleased with the work that [StoneWood Design] did for Clos du Lac. The interiors seemed to belong to the overall design statement of the project. There is also an appropriate variety between the three model projects. I have heard nothing but positive comments about your work for Clos du Luc. ”

Henrik Bull, Fellow, American Institute of Architects


“Understatement is extremely important . . .”
Nancy Lancaster, Interior and Garden Designer